Crossuite: thé software for Psychology

With Crossuite, you choose a user-friendly & comprehensive software platform. It's tailor-made for psychologists who work independently, in group or multidisciplinary practices.

Discover Crossuite yourself

Size doesn’t matter

Everything you need to work smarter!

Single practitioner
Groups, clinics & franchises
Multidisciplinary practice

Ultimate freedom

Crossuite is a 100% online (web-based) platform, accessible anywhere and anytime from any device.

100% online
No installation
Simultaneous use on multiple devices
All operating systems

Personal Service

Wij ondersteunen je in alle facetten en groeifasen van je praktijkomgeving.


Your practice management from A to Z!

Online agenda
Customized note taking
Powerful scheduling
Financial reporting
Letters & correspondence

Patient portal

Een persoonlijke omgeving voor je patiënt.

Online bookings
Digitale intakes
Follow up on appointments

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