Crossuite: thé software for Acupuncture

With Crossuite, you choose a user-friendly & comprehensive software platform. It's tailor-made for acupuncturists who work independently, in group or multidisciplinary practices.

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Why the smart acupuncturist chooses Crossuite software.

Personal Service

Our personal approach and training tailored to your needs, ensure you are covered and make you feel right at home.

100% support
Customized training
Easy transfer

Ultimate freedom

Crossuite is a 100% online (web-based) platform, accessible anywhere and anytime from any device.

100% online
No installation
Simultaneous use on multiple devices
All operating systems


Everything you need to work smarter!

Exercise programs & video consultations
Accounting Packages


Your practice management from A to Z!

Online agenda
Customized note taking
Powerful scheduling
Financial reporting
Letters & correspondence

Patient portal

A personal environment for your patient.

Online bookings
Digital intakes
Follow up on appointments

Size doesn't matter

S, M, L or XL? We have the right setup for you.

Single practitioner
Groups, clinics & franchises
Multidisciplinary practice

These clever practices already preceded you:

Eddy Desmedt

Crossuite is for me an indispensable tool for the daily operation of the practice. Fast, clear and many tools and features that make managing the practice (online agenda, patient files, automatic mailing, accounting ...) a lot easier. In addition, very user-friendly and - not unimportantly - when necessary a helpdesk that works!

Eddy Desmedt

Acupunctuur Eddy Desmedt

Marie-Sophie Hiemstra

Crossuite means to me carefree processing of patient data. Before Crossuite, I had to make a backup every time and I had a lot of worries about keeping the data safe. Crossuite is very user friendly. Can easily save documents in hdossier like pictures of tongue or medication lists. When my last patient is out the door, I am really done. All the data is in Crossuite and that gives me a wonderful feeling. At the end of the day, I check whether the correct consultations are listed. At the end of the month the file goes to Infomedics who do the invoicing for us. In short, Crossuite means for me a carefree processing of all necessary administration in our practice, so I can fully focus on my patients.

Marie-Sophie Hiemstra

Praktijk Acupunctuur

Nicole Zoontjes

Crossuite supports me very well in my daily practice. The agenda management and the related invoicing saves a lot of time and prevents errors. Clients receive appointment confirmations, reminders and invoices via email. This works very efficiently. Clients find it pleasant and appreciate the professional way of working. I have now completely replaced the paper file with the electronic file in Crosssuite. At first I was a bit reluctant to do this. But pretty soon I saw the enormous advantage. I now have all the client data at hand and don't have to search for files or store them away.

Nicole Zoontjes

Acupunctuur Mierlo

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