Online patient platform

The smart patient portal makes it simple and easy to keep in touch via video consultations. Patients can use it as a tool to quickly check their appointments, make new appointments or easily fill out an intake before their treatment. Crossuite makes your practice interactive!

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Maximum efficiency

Online bookings and digital intakes empowers patients to save time for you and your practice, all within well-defined boundaries.
Focus on critical tasks while using Crossuite to interactively connect your patients to your practice.


Online booking

Allows for quick and easy 24/7 online appointment scheduling by the patients while keeping full control of your calendar. The userfriendliness reduces barriers for new patients and offers comfort for the existing ones. They never have to wait to make an appointment again.


Digital intakes

Save valuable time by having your patients fill out a personal intake form in advance. Their data will then be automatically and securely uploaded to their patient record. You will notice that this is not only a time saver but also that the data will be filled out much more accurately.

Video consultations

Contact your patients quick and easy through video consultations. This secure environment is the perfect way to remotely assist your patients face to face.

Safe and protected

Crossuite is NEN7510 certified.
Furthermore, all of our services are built on a safe network connection (SSL). 
We guarantee the vital quality standards regarding health care services.

Online appointments

The patient portal allows patients to easily manage appointments 24/7. An overview of the appointments for the patient and family members, canceling appointments within a permitted time frame, quickly creating a new appointment are all super convenient features that make your life as a therapist easier.


AVG/GDPR informed consent

Getting your patients to sign an informed consent or processing agreement is easily done via the patient portal. This ensures that all necessary legal administrative matters are already handled before the first treatment. You can now focus on what really matters: your patient.

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