Your Crossuite environment expands daily through seamless connection with third party services: accountancy software, eHealth services, exercise programs, labs and many more!
Wish to create your own custom connection? Get started with our extensive API.
Crossuite connects you to the future.


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No more data loss

Everything is saved automatically. Never lose data again.


Sending newsletters easily happens through our Mailchimp connection. Synchronize patient lists and create a newsletter in the branding of your practice
Set up a quick and simple lay-out and send it out in just a few clicks. Crossuite and Mailchimp ensure that your newsletters are read!


All bills and payments are synchronisable seamlessly with the known players on the market: Exactonline Twinfield and Snelstart.
Besides ease of use, these integrations provide a cost efficient workflow for your accountant.


Uploading patient data from Belgian EID’s is possible in just one click. Our card readers connect to every operating system on the market.

Safe and protected

Crossuite is NEN7510 certified.
Furthermore, all of our services are built on a safe network connection (SSL).
We actively adapt to vital quality criteria to ensure and maintain the best support in care.



Our connections with Physitrack and MijnOefening allow your patient to perform tasks from home.
You can set up personal exercise schemes and send them directly to the patient or make them perform them through tele-consultations.


The provided Crossuite API allows you to start building your own tools. Customise them to fit your needs, the possibilities are endless.

Lots more to connect to

Crossuite connects to many other partners such as Audiqueen and Trius.

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