Simple and clever financial management

Smooth settlement of your treatments and accurate financial reporting with accounting is a top priority within your practice.

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Keep track


Maximum efficiency

Optimise your financial management and automatise the process to the needs of your practice.

Treatment types and products

Easily create and invoice your own treatment types and products. By using packages, discounts and a full VAT integration there are no limits on your financial practice management.

Tailor-made billing templates

Increase the recognition of your practice by integrating your personal corporate identity into all your financial documents and communications. This recognizability increases patient confidence in your practice and services.

Digital bills and payment reminders

Are you done with printing bills? Sending bills and payment reminders by email saves you both time and money. Do you use our patient platform? Then patients can find their bills in their personal digital mailbox.


Budget / prepayments

Have your client pay in advance and then book the payments off the available budget.

Simple online payment

Provide your patients with simple and safe online payment. You no longer need a credit card terminal!

Multipasses, subscriptions and packages

‚ÄčEasily add, classify and bundle your treatment types and products into packages that best encompass your workflow
We also offer suitable solutions to practices working with subscriptions and multi-passes
Passes and subscriptions are currently under development.

Structured reports

Plenty financial reports: A full cash report, payment tracking or deep insights into the financial health of the practice.
Find data by location, treatment type, product, provider or patient.
Need a quick overview for the Accountant? 
Quickly export all possible statements to XLS or sync with your accounting package.


Link with accounting packages

Expand your package by linking with our partners: ExactOnline, Snelstart and Twinfield. All your accounts and payments synchronize seamlessly between Crossuite and your accounting package.

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