Diary management

Manage your calendar more efficiently than ever by integrating your personal workflow and supporting multiple locations, rooms, colleagues & teams. With Crossuite's software, you maintain full control of your calendar from any device, while your patients intuitively and easily book appointments online.

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Maximum efficiency

Optimise your planning and automate your working methods to suit your practice.

A diary that fits your workflow

With Crossuite you can fully adapt your appointment management to your practice processes.
Follow the patient: from making an appointment, arrival in the waiting room, treatment in the practice, to receipt of the bill, registration of payment and departure.

Colleagues, locations and rooms

A single practice with one location or a more complex group practice with several locations, therapists and rooms?
Nowhere will you find better support than in the Crossuite calendar.

Minimize no-shows

With automatic appointment reminders by e-mail and SMS linked to your calendar, you prevent unnecessary loss of turnover. The patient forgets his appointment less and experiences a better service.

Integrated communication

With the integrated communication tools you can easily and quickly send the right communication via Email and SMS: Does a patient not show up, does the patient want an overview of his upcoming appointments, or is there a need for special instructions for a specialised treatment procedure which requires special preparation?
Crossuite allows you to fully support this communication workflow.

Book and pay online

Schedule appointments online 24/7 quickly and easily while retaining full control over your schedule. The convenience of the agenda lowers the threshold for new patients and offers comfort to existing patients. From intakes to follow-up appointments and group lessons; make it easier for yourself and your patients.
With the integrated payment module, your patient can pay for the appointment directly after booking.

Seamless website integration

Online bookings are quick and easy thanks to a seamless integration with your existing website.
Don't have a website yet? No worries! We'll create one for you. Contact us for the possibilities.

Tailored to your (tele-)secretary

With our handy tools, the frontdesk and your tele-receptionist can follow up on appointments in the most ideal way. Don't miss a thing thanks to our tools:
Appointment statuses, task list, DNA, daily notes, alerts, gap search,...

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