Digital communication in your practice

Communication is essential to optimally assist your patients in their care. Crossuite allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your patients and colleagues.

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Minimise no-shows

Prevent unwanted profit loss with automated appointment reminders through email and text messages.
The patient is more likely to remember appointments and experiences a better service.

Better patient loyalty

The option of easily sending birthday wishes or efficient follow-up of the treatment via e-mail or sms strengthens the bond between you and your patients.

Newsletters with Mailchimp

The option of sharing communication lists with external tools such as Mailchimp gives you all the tools you need to inform your patients about the latest news in your practice in just a few clicks

Personal branding

Your practice has its own communication style. All communication can be adapted to your wishes. Furthermore, you apply your own corporate identity in all communications for the best possible patient experience in your practice. 


Daily data backups

All of your data safely stored, day after day

Communicate more efficiently

Extensive automation allows you to send out customised communications efficiently and correctly and at the right time. For example bills and payment reminders. Or customised communication for a first appointment, a special treatment type, a specific location or in the event of a no-show for an appointment. 

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