Freedom & Bubbles!



At Crossuite we strive for achieving a sensation of freedom and bubbles! This philosophy is applicable both to our customers, and certainly also to the entire Crossuite team. The way we build and deliver our services provides you with a sense of freedom.
Managing and controlling your practice or organization without boundaries is your freedom.
After all, you are untethered: anyplace, anytime and any device, you are always connected to Crossuite.

Finding the right balance between work and relaxation for our people in our offices is something we carry close to our hearts. Working in an attractive environment that is adapted to the current zeitgeist helps to reach the necessary creative and mental mindset to achieve success.

On a daily basis our entire team of 30 passionate people, each with their own expertise and individuality, work with heart and soul to achieve a common goal:
Providing 100% support to our valued customers.

In the end we all benefit from this approach: you as a respected & valued customer and we as your stable partner for your daily practice management needs.
And after all: success means bubbles!

Welcome to Crossuite!


You're always welcome to pass by for a chat and a coffee.

Our address:

Uitbreidingstraat 390 Bus 4
2600 Antwerp
VAT 0882.452.550

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