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Crossuite: The ultimate software solution for the healthcare sector.

Your trusted partner.


Thousands of care providers from the Benelux, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Australia entrust Crossuite with the management of their daily practice.

They cite user-friendliness, our 100% support and multi-disciplinarity as the biggest advantages.

Which is not surprising, seeing as we are the market leader in a wide variety of disciplines.

We take care of you
We take care of you

Our powerful solutions for digital practice management are guaranteed to save you time.

Need advice? We optimise the processes of your (group) practice and help streamline your organisation.

And you can always count on us for technical assistance.

100% support, in other words.

We listen to you
We listen to you

Did you know that the Crossuite platform was developed from the very beginning in response to the specific needs of care providers?

But it doesn’t stop there.

We continue to listen and adapt to your feedback while translating it into concrete modifications.

Have any comments? Let us know.

Get to know us
Get to know us

We pride ourselves on our personal approach. We fully adapt our solutions to your practice and know your needs.

You can count on us for smooth, hassle-free service.

Digitisation from A to Z

Want to lead your practice into the digital age? Need expert support?

Crossuite is here for you.


We scan your hard-copy records and create a complete digital patient database for you to consult online.

So you can access your patient data from anywhere and at any time.

We guide you through the following steps to convert your paper-based files:


Stap 1 crossuite digitalisering medische dossiers Stap 2 crossuite digitalisering medische dossiers Stap 3 crossuite digitalisering medische dossiers Stap 4 crossuite digitalisering medische dossiers Stap 5 crossuite digitalisering medische dossiers

Step 1:

We analyse your paper records in detail, searching for specific characteristics in order to determine the best approach.

Step 2:

We take care of the transport of your records to the scanning centre where your files will be accurately, professionally and discretely scanned.

Step 3:

We link the scanned digital patient records to your patient profiles which are automatically generated by our application.

Step 4:

Your old paper records are either safely and discretely destroyed, returned in their original condition or stored in a secure storage facility. The choice is yours!

Step 5:

You are now ready to get started with your digital practice!


Other Crossuite services

As a care provider, you can also call on Crossuite for developing your website, branding your practice or installing a Google Apps environment.


Creating websites & webshops
Creating websites & webshops

Would you like a functional website or webshop to add extra professionalism to your practice? Crossuite can develop a fully customised website according to your needs and budget.
We can even take care of the hosting for you.

Extra convenience: integrate your website within the Crossuite platform to manage your web booking system, your digital practice environment and intakes all within the same environment.


Boost patients trust and give your practice a competitive edge thanks to strong and professional branding.

Crossuite can help you develop a recognisable house-style throughout your entire practice environment and in all communication with your patients.

In addition, we ensure the seamless integration of your house-style within the Crossuite practice management system.

A unique approach to care: we make it happen.


Google Apps
Google Apps

Never buy, install or maintain software ever again!

Google Apps are the ideal solution for communicating, sharing information and fostering cooperation within your practice.

Crossuite sets up the environment for all your colleagues and ensures that all your mail and documents are available around the clock and – if need be – around the world.