ChirO for Chiropractic / Customised

ChirO: Tailor made for your practice

ChirO is the fully customised online management tool for your practice.

Whether you run a private practice or form part of a single or multi-discipline group, within a regional partnership or as part of a franchise system with multiple clusters…

We offer full support for every facet and growth phase of your practice environment.


ChirO is the ultimate solution for every type and size of practice.


Do you have a private practice?
Do you have a private practice?

Good appointment planning and accurate, well structured medical records are an absolute priority for your practice. As you would expect, because as a professional physiotherapist, efficient use of your time is critical.

ChirO is the perfect solution for a private practice environment.

Find out for yourself and request a free demo account now.

Do you work within a single-discipline group practice?
Do you work within a single-discipline group practice?

ChirO offers you and your colleagues a streamlined digital calendar system, fully customised patient records management and comprehensive medical and financial reporting tools.

Resulting in the faultless management of your practice and more a more efficient investment of your time.

Find out for yourself and request a personalised, obligation-free demonstration for you and your colleagues.

Do you work within a multidisciplinary group practice?
Do you work within a multidisciplinary group practice?

Thanks to ChirO , working together with practitioners of other disciplines has never been so easy. Indeed, the platform was developed from the beginning with a view to fostering multidisciplinarity.

Each of your colleagues can work according to their own unique treatment plan while still enabling full transparency and access to colleagues. With well structured, complete and accurate patient records as a result.

In short: patients can rest assured that not a single medical
kunnen zeker zijn dat er geen enkel medisch gegeven over het hoofd wordt gezien bij hun behandeling.

Overtuig uzelf en ontdek meer over de multidisciplinariteit in ChirO.

One or more locations

As the ideal software for chiropractors, ChirO offers support for practices with either a single or multiple location.


Single location
Single location

Our online patient platform offers optimum support for your private practice, while also allowing for future growth.

No surprises, just total ease of use and peace of mind.

Multiple locations
Multiple locations

Do you work at different locations, each with their own specific requirements? Thanks to ChirO, you can perfectly adapt your working environment to the individual needs of each location.

Share or shield patient profiles and information between multiple locations with ease…

It is all possible thanks to our online patient platform.

Specialised environments

ChirO helps you align your business processes in specialised environments.



Do you work according to a franchise model? Then a high-quality technical environment is crucial to the success of your practice.
A large number of clients have already chosen for ChirO precisely because of our built-in support for franchises.

Request an obligation-free appraisal.

One thing is certain: you can count on us to help achieve all your plans, however ambitious.

Schools and training centres
Schools and training centres

In a practical environment where seamless cooperation is required between students, supervisors and the secretariat, there are many complex factors to take into account.
From ensuring correct permissions and correct information to protecting patient data and planning students, supervisors, rooms and evaluations.

ChirO helps you manage the entire environment.

Contact us and discover how we can apply our expertise to your school environment.

Research projects
Research projects

Your research project needs the ideal support environment to enable efficient analysis of inputted data down the track.

We provide exactly that environment. Together with you, we ensure an optimal processing of inputted information depending on your chosen research parameters.

As your active partner, we take pride in making a tangible contribution to the further improvement of care.

Contact us and find out how we can offer support for your ground-breaking research project.